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About us

Dominion Law Firm 13 years of practice and success!

How to start acquaintance with us? There are 4 ways you can go:

  • Why us? – here we will tell you about the main advantages of the Dominion Legal Group. After reading this text , you will find out why you should turn to us for legal services.
  • Our team – on this page you can find a brief biography of each of our lawyers.
  • Partners – who did we work with? On this page you will find a comprehensive list of our partners.
  • News – the latest summaries from legal fields, conference reports and news from our company. You will find all this in this section.
  • Certificates are scans of our main documents.

Or sign up for a free consultation!

It is very simple to do this – call us by phone or order a call back. We will contact you shortly. There will be no superfluous theory during the consultation. Only a discussion of your specific problem and ways of solving it.

Phone: +38 (044) 331-40-30

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