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We provide only those services in which we feel like real professionals

Real estate services :

  • verification (due diligence) of real estate before purchase;
  • legal support for the purchase (sale) of real estate ;
  • legal support for renting real estate;
  • division / allocation of real estate objects;
  • legal support for connection of engineering communications to real estate objects;
  • legal support for the management (rent) of real estate;
  • development and analysis of contracts related to real estate (purchase and sale, lease, mortgage, management, contract, joint activities, investment, etc.);
  • legal support for attracting foreign investment in real estate;
  • legal support for real estate construction.

Ground operations:

  • obtaining ownership of land plots;
  • obtaining land plots for use;
  • change in the designated purpose of land plots;
  • development of land plots.

Lawyer service in the field of taxation

  • providing oral and written advice for individuals and legal entities on the application of tax legislation;
  • legal support of tax audits (admission or non-admission to audits, preparation of responses to requests from tax authorities, objections to the audit report)
  • representation of interests of taxpayers in tax authorities;
  • appeal against decisions and actions of tax authorities.

Defense in court

  • real estate disputes;
  • disputes over ownership;
  • recognition of contracts as invalid;
  • debt collection;
  • land disputes ;
  • tax disputes ;
  • appeal against decisions and actions (inaction) of state bodies (local self-government bodies).